User experience design process from scamps to prototype

SOVA Assessment

Assessment platform suite

We wrote the first line of code for the hugely successful talent assessment platform, SOVA, back in 2015 and we are still working with the team there to ensure that the technology expands in step with their rapid international growth and the broadening needs of domestic clients.

Thousands of candidates are now handled by SOVA each day and therefore data security has been the priority from day one and the award of an ISO 27001 certification at the end of 2017 reflects the dedication of both teams to delivering this objective.

Over the years we have provided both rapid MVP-style iterative product development as well as built tools following more established linear methodologies that encompass requirements gathering, UX and UI design, prototyping, UX research, A/B testing, development sprints and comprehensive testing.

SOVA’s multi-faceted platform provided an opportunity to build some products using relatively new Progressive Web App (PWA) technologies. PWAs are a set of frameworks devised by Google that together deliver a new type of experience to users via a standard web browser. They are faster, safer, don’t need to be downloaded and work offline – all with the look and feel of a native app.

The final PWA sites look and behave in the same way as a mobile application, which means that they can be added to the home screen, send push notifications, access the hardware of the device and work offline.


SOVA Assessment


PWA & responsive web


Python Django, Angular JS

SOVA assessment product design shown on 4 screenshots