Redacted government agency shown by large magnifying glass banknotes and gambling den

[REDACTED] Government agency

A graduate recruitment game challenge

We created a game for a government agency to help them attract new recruits, with different timed challenges and a scoring system.

The project started by exploring different types of ‘casual’ games that would be suited to explaining some of the tasks in the roles being advertised by the government agency (as well as generating interest in them within 30-90 seconds or so!).

As a result, we identified that a series of puzzles testing a user’s competence at sequence matching, observation and counterintuitivity in tandem with a ‘Minority Report/Hollywood tech’ design style would be most effective when set within a realistic operational narrative.

The final games were built using Vanilla JS, CSS animations and JQuery and are fully responsive.


[REDACTED] Government Agency


Mobile, Tablet & Desktop


jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Government agency recruitment game responsive design screenshots