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12 Jun Our Top 10 World Cup Apps

With less than 24 hours to go until the World Cup kicks off (quite literally), we’ve compiled a list of our top ten essential World Cup apps!




Need to know who’s playing, and when? Keep up to date with the latest scores, fixtures and World Cup content with the official FIFA App – which is free on iOS and Android, and comes with exclusive blog, video and photo coverage. That’s right – a free app awarded to you by FIFA: no ‘inducements’ required at all!




So, now you know what the craic is, there’s no better place to watch football than at the pub! Instead of trailing around London and searching in vain (and missing out on the best seats to watch the game), why not download Match Pint to find your nearest footy-appreciating watering holes? The app also provides details of venue capacity, screen type and can offer recommendations based on user reviews. Check the developers out here.





Great, now you’ve found the pub… why not have a free beer? Well, you can with the (mysteriously titled) Free Beer app! Users of the app can claim a gratuitous pint at participating London pubs, when purchasing ANY other drink (including soft drinks). Sadly, you can only claim one per day… but it’s better than nothing, right?! For more beer related content, whip over to the website.




Although tempting to gamble on the World Cup, one must remember that money could be spent elsewhere (another pint, anyone?). The geniuses at FooGuru have created World Cup Guru – which allows users to bet on games, without spending a penny (and the app is free too!). Operating on a points basis, you can make predictions, create leagues with friends, compare your points on a leaderboard, and share the results on Facebook.




If you want to add an extra competitive edge with your friends and colleagues, take a look at the Panini Online Sticker Album – the economical option for World Cup sticker collecting. Users receive 3 free sticker packs daily, and can use an online swapping community to help complete the book. Although it’s nowhere near the fun and nostalgia of the physical book, it’s definitely less of a cost!





When nicely seated at the pub, with pint in hand, there’s nothing more annoying than someone sitting right in the way of the screen. Thankfully, we’ve found something even worse than that.

Cue Caxirola 2014 – Brasil Goals Live Results Shake App; your sure fire way to annoy strangers, friends and other halves. Described as the “cheer instrument” of the World Cup, our office was alive with cheerful moans as I tested the app this morning.


A word of caution though: to activate the sound effect, users must shake their smartphones… probably best to avoid doing this in bathrooms, near bodies of water, when mobile or near small children.




Looking to spruce up the viewing experience? Give SecondMic a go – although it doesn’t stream the match itself, alternative live commentaries are provided by a range of experts, former players, comedians, celebrities etc. Our suggestion? Put the match on, mute Andy Townsend and plug your device into speakers. Absolutely anyone can broadcast their live commentary, so you might find some gems in there that aren’t Adrian Chiles! (Alternatively, if you want to give broadcasting a go yourself, take a wander over to their website here)





For those wanting to celebrate/moan/rage with other fans (but without clogging up your Facebook or Twitter feeds), have a meander through SportsYapper. This nifty app allows users to add their favourite teams, connect with other fans and post opinions (via a feed near identical to Twitter). Desktop users can also find their site here.






When things aren’t looking great, take matters into your own hands with Football Manager Handheld 2014 from SEGA, and show Roy how it’s done. Although a steep £6.99, it’s undoubtedly the best footy management game on the iOS and Android markets.




And lastly… if you’re looking to escape the football madness entirely, we highly recommend Packing Pro - which takes your holiday destination, length of stay and group size, to churn out a competent list of suggested items to pack. Forgotten swimming trunks/suncream/underwear crisis averted… Phew! (Thanks QuinnScape!!)