Socially Bright | Meet Sam…
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06 May Meet Sam…


Socially Bright are proud to introduce Sam, our new Software apprentice – who will be sharpening his coding skills over the next year. We sat him down to find out more…

What aspects of your work at Socially Bright have you enjoyed the most so far?
I really enjoy the amount of help and support from the people I work with. Everyone’s always happy to help, so it makes things a little less daunting for a newbie like me!

What are you most excited about over the coming year?
I am most excited about the projects I’ll be working on and everything I’ll be learning along the way. I always love learning new things and it all goes towards the goal of being a games developer!

What do you guys get up to in your spare time?
Gaming, gaming and gaming mostly! I love to get caught up in everything happening about any sort of game that might be coming out. In the off chance that I’m not on Steam shooting virtual baddies, I enjoy reading and developing my creative writing abilities.

Describe yourself in three words:
Thoughtful, observant and perceptive.

And lastly… which superhero would you most like to be?
A hard question… Superheroes don’t really have it easy, Batman’s gotta hold up his own justice while dealing with his insanity, Superman is the loneliest person on Earth and Aquaman has to worry about being moisturised all the time… I think I’ll just stick to being me!