Socially Bright | Daryl and his exciting developments…
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28 May Daryl and his exciting developments…

Exciting things have been happening behind Socially Bright’s doors. We cornered new recruit Daryl and held him at gunpoint for some answers! (We didn’t really).


Hi Daryl! So tell us, what brings you to Socially Bright?

Hey! I have just finished my second year of studying 3D digital design and animation at Greenwich University. Since being here I have begun to brainstorm with Tom, Jean-Marie and Sam for some game ideas, we have come up with a concept that will be based around a magical gnome that can restore a world that has become withered.

A game, huh? Sounds exciting! How do you go from an idea, to creating a game?

Well this is the first ever game I have worked on, so I am really excited to see where it goes. Firstly we started off by having a meeting about what sort of game we wanted to develop, then we went away to find examples that could be used as references. Once we were happy with the overall idea of the game I started designing the main character.

And what software do you use to achieve this?

3DSMax and Zbrush were both used because I was not sure which would be better, so far we have a few different models that may be used but we are still experimenting with sculpting, poly modelling and creating potential textures.

Are there any sneak peeks you can send over for us to see?

 These were two very early ideas for the model:  

esgrdfhghb Render1

Brilliant, thank you for talking to us Daryl. One last question before you go: What’s your favourite gnome pun?

Sorry, I don’t gnome… I gnome my rights, I don’t have to tell you if I don’t want to!!