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We work with a wide range of advertising agencies and brands to help bring their digital dreams to life. As a dedicated, specialist and flexible part of your team we offer strategy, creative and production across all native and web technologies. We develop mobile, web and social apps that work on every last browser and device you can think of.
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23 Jun Sprouting the idea

Hello, Sam here! Last week, I talked about how we came up with our game concept as well as some justifications for using some tried and tested techniques in the market today. In this post, I’m going to talk about the first iterations of our game and...

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Is SongPop the New DrawSomething?

18 Jul SongPop review

With the steady decline that OMGPOP's Draw Something has been suffering, mobile users have been craving equally addictive apps to occupy their time. The first app to attempt to fill the void is Fresh Planet's SongPop which leans heavily on Draw Something's turn-based structure to test players'...

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