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We work with a wide range of advertising agencies and brands to help bring their digital dreams to life. As a dedicated, specialist and flexible part of your team we offer strategy, creative and production across all native and web technologies. We develop mobile, web and social apps that work on every last browser and device you can think of.
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Tom Gueterbock

Tom is our founder, Managing Director and the creative head of Socially Bright. He established the company to help brands and agencies to produce stunning, bespoke and responsive digital experiences using our proprietary technology platform Bandstand.   A loyal Gooner, Tom spends the other 11 months of the year playing games on a wide range of platforms.


Adrian Stanca

Adrian is a senior developer with 9 years experience developing front-end UIs on desktop and mobile, he will find a way to add his own magic dust to any user experience.  Adrian is responsible for road-mapping Bandstand and ensuring that it continues to be a feature-rich and robust platform for our clients.   He currently spends his coffee breaks teaching Romanian to the team. Sperăm că vom fi în curând fluent …


Jarret Hardie

Jarret is a software developer and technology architect with over 15 years of experience in Fortune 100 organisations and small start-ups alike.  He has 5 years experience as an iOS developer and is convinced that any intractable coding problem can be solved with a long bike ride through the Surrey hills.   All other problems he can solve with either good coffee, or a gin martini.


Lehel Kacso

Lehel is a highly-skilled front-end developer who regularly makes the impossible, possible.  He will tell you that he’s mostly comfortable with XHTML, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript but in any other language his outputs are cross-platform alchemy.   He questions everything and drives a very small car.


Sam Ha

Sam is a developer with Socially Bright.  He has an incredible ‘first-time’ memory and can already develop at the speed of light.  He can do HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript and is waiting for us to get commissioned to build Subway Surfer 2 so that he can use his Unity skills.   Coming from a gaming background, Sam spends his time on Steam when he’s not coding with us.


Christine Roberts

Christine is our Financial Controller and resident Feng Shui and interior design guru.  She counts out loud, likes jazz flute (who doesn’t?) has the longest Starbucks order and most importantly reconciles everything to the penny.   Basically, she’s got your number.


James Hamilton-Martin

James is a multimedia designer and works with us regularly on a freelance basis.  He has a gift for creating user interfaces that are intuitive and elegant and that work responsively.   He is unflappable and has never missed a deadline yet.

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Marta Mendonca

Marta is a junior web developer at Socially Bright. She is developing her coding skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, php and MySql and in her spare time she enjoys playing video games on PS4 and video editing.