Socially Bright | 6 reasons to switch to Sketch
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04 Nov 6 reasons to switch to Sketch

Every few years a new tool comes along that offers neck-snapping acceleration to one part of the process of building in the digital world.  Most recently Docker and Jenkins have done this for us and in the last few months, thanks to Matt, we hit upon Sketch:


It’s odd that nothing else has come along sooner to disturb PhotoShop’s dominance; it  was launched as photo-editing tool in 1990 (1990?! That’s before I’d even seen a web browser) and was not built for web/UI design.

Anyway, what’s so good about Sketch?

1. Sketch is specifically set up for designing interfaces, whereas PS needs at least Adobe illustrator, Fireworks, Edge and a bunch of other sister apps to cover similar functionality.  Plus Omnigraffle.  Photoshop is a 25 years worth of code and features of which only about 10% are relevant to UI design.

2. Sketch is Mac only and is optimised for Mac, resulting in a much faster and lightweight app with a significantly smaller memory footprint.  No more making coffee while PS loads.  Sketch is 50MB instead of 412MB for PhotoShop CS5.

3. Sketch integrates with many 3rd apps e.g. Zeplin, Invision, Slack, Trello to create much more powerful and efficient workflows.

4. Sketch is much more aware of which platform/OS/device you are designing for, allowing for easy access to correct screen sizes, UI assets and styles, and export settings. This allows for much faster and accurate design and production.

5. Sketch allows us to design from initial UX concepts through wires all the way through to final designs, in the same tool, preventing re-work from using multiple separate tools. With PS we needed Omnigraffle for wireframes etc and then had to rebuild in PhotoShop when the wireframes were signed off.

6. Sketch costs less than 2 months of Adobe CC subscription.

Sketch has dramatically changed the way we design, both in workflow and speed… buuut it’s not perfect.  While v3 saw it mature a lot, enough for many designers to switch from PS/Adobe, it’s still a little buggy and is too focused on static, fixed sized layouts.  Hopefully v4 will bring more tools for designing responsive layouts and interactions.

In the meantime, happy Sketching.